Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Ride Bikes. Check. Drink Beer. Check. Win. Check!

2016 Tree Farm Relay
We entered 6 teams this year, (24 riders!) and put down some serious results... and beer. Sunny skies turned gray and the air got cool as the storms rolled in, but that didn't stop our expert team RJ and the Dadbods from starting out hot! Brandon Thielen and RJ Meske were relentless on the competition. By the time the torrential rains moved in, they had the team out in front by a minute! Sketchy conditions and monsoon like rainfall leveled the playing field a bit and after a couple of lead (and bike) changes the results were in. RJ and the Dadbods took first place out of 27 teams in Advanced Men.

Not to be overlooked was the repeat performance of our coed team Smells Like Team Spirit, who took first place out of 6 teams in Advanced Coed!

JTree Bike Chicks took 4 out of 5 in Sport Women
Gears N' Beers took 12 out of 27 in Advanced Men (bonus points for only having 3 riders)
JTree Geriatric came in 17 out of 27 in Advanced Men
JTree #2 (come on guys....) took 25 out of 50 in Sport Men

It was a tough day, and everyone busted A$5 out there in the mud and rain and eventually, sun, heat and humidity. A huge shout out to our main squeeze, Wheels in Motion for getting our gear back in order after the race. Brake pads, shift cables/housing and everything in between.

Also, thanks to Chelsea Ale House for hooking us up with libations for the day, because without them, we wouldn't have that check mark next to 'drink beer'.

And that energy has got to come from somewhere - that somewhere is Infinit Nutrition and Honey Stinger. With Infinit, we just keep going and going. And Honey Stinger is like a nectar from the gods... but it's really just from bees. Mmmmm.

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