Friday, September 9, 2016

Sometimes, we swim. Other times, we run. From time to time, we do both!

We've got some pretty amazing athletes on our team. Check out what Dave Krenk and Bruce Geffen did this summer. 

Steelhead Half Ironman
On August 14th, Dave Krenk finished 47th out of 417 at his first half ironman event. Congrats Dave!

Mighty Mac Swim
Have you ever wanted to swim across the Mackinac Straits? Me neither. But Bruce Geffen did! Here's a write up from his experience this past weekend:

It was a bit of a challenge. There was about 2' chop from the South we were swimming against. Current wasn't too bad going from W to E. Water temp was an excellent 69 degrees, perfect for a full wetsuit, or even a sleeveless one. I was expecting about 5-5.5 hours. On a calm day, in the 4 hr range. Surprised myself finishing in 3:28:08. 34 went into the water, 30 came out. 1 had a medical, 1 quit, and 2 were DQ'd for violating the Exclusion Zone. Not sure how that happened with support boats guiding helping to make sure that didn't happen. Somewhere between the S Tower and S Caisson, the waves calmed down a bit and I was able to really swim and cruise well. Had a support boat right with me all the way from there to the end. I was third from last out of the water, but no matter, I did it! First place was Chris Thompson, Olympian, World Record Holder, U of M Water Polo standout, and Open Water Swim trainer to the Navy Seals. Most everyone was a Collegiate Swimmer or something like that. He won a 20k check! So did the first woman to cross the finish line. She is a professional triathlete from Arizona. Great times!

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