Friday, September 9, 2016

White Kits + Red Mud = Battle Scars

2016 Ore to Shore
When we revealed the 2016 kits, the first thing everyone said was "that's not gonna work out so well at Ore to Shore." I saw it as an opportunity, a blank canvas if you will, for battle scars. Race tails. War stories. Anyway, on to the race...

We started making the annual pilgrimage to Marquette in 2010 and honestly, this was probably the toughest O2S we've raced to date. The rain may have tamed the sand, but it also filled the mud bogs higher, made the roots more slick, and greased the rocks just enough to make things interesting. Despite all of that, we put down some record finishing times!

Hard Rock
Jeremy Daum - 2:41:31
Brian Miller - 2:48:29
Steve Poirier - 2:49:38
Jon Roobol - 2:51:15
Greg Giles - 2:52:40
Scott Walter - 2:52:41
RJ Meske - 2:57:54
Jeff Poirier - 3:04:07 (Mr. Flat Tire returns)
Jack Lee - 3:05:36
Chris Molnar - 3:07:05
Bruce Slowey - 3:20:05
Steve Wickham - 3:26:44

Shore Rock
Brendan Giles - 58:43
Jodie Giles - 1:12:40

Jr. Rock
Anna Giles - 22:15

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